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tv   Shift  Deutsche Welle  November 3, 2019 7:15pm-7:30pm CET

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i'm next here on the dublin shift living in the digital age often more world news the top of the hour and the latest and use the information is always available around the clock on the website d w dot com i'm going to see. if that i don't need to keep a day available both for the over that's at home the 4th time for the whole of the closeness the minute we came up with at least the bottom of the band aid at the last dragon this word has called the hard truth. we both want to. take a trip on us go christmas market hopping with d.w. in cologne and a woman will go up to. airfare and hotel are included for you and
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a guest. just tell us which german steak is your favorite. what's the most beautiful place in germany. what would you like to explore most to enter check in at d w dot com slash travel good luck and enjoy some odd. melting glaciers michael plastics in the ocean and fires in the amazon news about climate change is disturbing and often contradictory especially on social media still the online world of as many ways to get reliable info and get active digital environmental protection our topic today on shift. i know my own eco balance as well roughly the average german produces 9 tons of c
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o 2 per year and each european generates some $24.00 kilos of plastic waste to me that sounds like a lot but how bad is it by comparison in india the average person produces just 11 kilos of plastic waste but where does my garbage actually go and how much plastic winds up in the world's oceans 8000000 tons a year that's what science magazine estimates environmental pollution and climate change are global issues so it's not just me experts also want to get their hands on reliable data i. have a huge port. all the. plastic from all over the all. but this is a very i mean it is trying to make that dream come true at the alfred vigna
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institute for polar and marine research in. she's part of a team of scientists who are analyzing the increasing pollution of the oceans they have compiled their results and created an online world map that's accessible to everyone. i mean a tech months research focuses on the question where does the plastic waste in the oceans come from she's helping to program the litter. a state of bank to present this information in a form that's easy to understand. our basic idea is. and the best way is to create some maps and some graphs litter base is an online database that's open to everyone graphic show the results of more than a 1000 scientific studies on a world map it's easy to see where research expeditions have already taken place.
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the latest results from the worldwide scientific community are regularly fed into the database the aim is to make the global issue of marine pollution more accessible and easily understood including to nonscientists. nowadays. especially because of and people like to have. these maps. graphs. the global change database at the university of maryland also uses a map to show the state of the world's forests since 2013 users have been able to call up info based on satellite images they can see the effects of forest fires illegal logging and station over long periods. the global forest watch platform is also dedicated to protecting forests and their inhabitants it combines satellite
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technology with open data and crowdsourcing. temperature c o 2 levels and even current weather phenomena can be found on the website earth now . here u.s. space agency nasa presents comprehensive satellite data and real time you can track how tropical storms are forest fires like here in australia are developing on earth now. various natural disasters are also explained. the alfred baker institute also plans to incorporate non scientifically compiled data melanie backman wants holidaymakers to upload observations about beaches and coastlines. the topic of marine letter in particular send itself well to citizen scientists because trash is something everyone can relate to everyone knows what a bottle or a plastic bag is and this helps us to cover a much better area geographically and to better fill in the white spots we still
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have on our map. for as a citizen scientist i can help organizations collect reliable information online a good example is the app literati it lets ordinary folks document cases of environmental pollution and invite others to help clean them up. information is important but taking action is vital these days there's no excuse for saying you don't know how to help is specially off to be show you these innovative ideas which make it even easier to help save the planet. they could be anywhere from 862150 1000000 tons of waste plastic and. it's collected that since the material became popular in the 1950 s. out using conventional methods would take decades and cost billions the engine. is banking on a digital solution intelligent. floating islands of garbage to receiving relevant
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data. the data is provided in real time via satellite. the spanish project c o 2 revolution aims to reclaim the rain forest with the help of high tech. huge swathes of the forest have been destroyed in recent decades. c o 2 revolution has developed an intelligent seed called. it's launched from which can cover huge areas quickly the grounds have access to data like soil conditions of employment and g.p.s. to plant the right seeds in the right place. nigerian. has developed a method of bringing clean energy to remote regions of africa using cell phones the electricity comes from a solar panel on the roof the mobile phone functions as a power distribution center and an electric meter making callous stations and
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electrical grids to pay off some 400000 people now receive green electricity this way. the effects of climate change and environmental pollution are experienced differently. than the places where most of the ways this created in 2017 germany exported 24.3. a 1000000 tons of his trash the industrialized nations of northern hemisphere produce the most c o 2 but they haven't yet experienced the devastating effects of climate change by those in the solve but digital solutions can help those hardest hit. a season rivers where once found there is now only arid desert. climate change is already a reality in east africa and it's endangering the livelihoods of herders in the region. if there's no water there herds die after a scout is an app which helps africa's herders track down increasingly rare sources
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of water using the latest satellite data. climate change is also affecting africa's farmers extreme weather such as long periods of drought entrenched storms or causing damage like they've never seen before. that's where the agric sap comes in and helps farmers recognise pests and plant diseases early so they can save their crops the app uses ai so every time it's used its database expands and its prognoses improves. in south america the destruction of the rain forest is a major problem now a digital warning system should help brazilian environmental research institute fight fire clearing. not only can smartphones warn about these fires there are also a weapon in the battle against deforestation because the quicker the fires are reported the quicker they can be put out. sharing is caring can sometimes
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apply in the digital world to every piece of information that uses pos on can help people directly unlike my last selfie on instagram so what can i do personally to actively protect the environment and on the climate change there are tons of local projects and even apps that can help you do your bit if you that we. and especially interesting. it all started with the big cleanup dr sim berlin but putting out an online call to combat pollution locally was only the beginning for plan a. it see no no's that solving big problems requires big data. climate change is not one problem climate is a lot of problems that are intertwined. how are they. actually and this complexity we use the data to pinpoint exactly the locations and the types
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of issues that happen around the world that need to be immediately acted on. the plan and based startup analyzes danger from research institutions around the world based on its findings turn any contacts individuals companies and community groups in the affected areas the only prerequisite is that they want to do something to combat climate change plan eg publicizes their projects and to let us use this to help fund them every plan is thoroughly checked for its viability and transparency . then there's the eco enter your daily habits with a few clicks and the app will calculate your carbon footprint and show how to string it. it also invites you to be a tri material by supporting carbon offset projects that help people and the planet . the c o 2 tracking at 3 for a storm also focuses on individual consumption you can use the app to create
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a manage your own forest thereby reducing your carbon footprint everyone can do something to save the planet. the climate protection has made. unclear what they need to do i think because of the language that is being used we speak. in a way that doesn't necessarily explain to people what the issues are. we should be focusing more. about. the digital world is full of good intentions but can we really stop the destruction of the environment and climate change online it's a bit paradoxical after all the internet itself consumes vast amounts of energy and mountains of discarded smartphones part of the problem not the solution yet digital technologies could play a major role 1st big data can help us reach a greater scientific awareness climate change is
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a global phenomenon so gathering huge amounts of data from around the world is vital 2nd they could help to relieve some of the worst effects for instance through real time analysis which could help get aid to affected areas quickly and 3rd and this is where we come in my apps of platforms users can contribute directly whether by collecting data or helping right where it's needed for instance i could do my part by joining a local organization what's your contribution to competition climate change there is no fear for example. that's it for the day bye.
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a home for saving the googling to yes tell stories of creative people and innovative projects around the world ideas to protect the climate and boost green energy solutions by global oil india's the unbundling series of global 3000 on t.w. and online. play. hello and welcome to driver the d.w. motor magazine this time we go off road with the mitsubishi l 200. take a spin in a rare classic the real magic lure. and.


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